There are a lot of things which can be easily measurable. Trips are not.


Your age, money or the number of TV series you have watched in your life. You can give a number for these and compare it to any other person.


However, when it comes to trips…how can you measure them? Do you want to measure them in cities visited? In times you have laughed? Or maybe in those moments in which you feel delighted visiting a new place?


It is said that trips are enjoyed three times. When you are planning them, when you are actually in the place and when you remember them.


That is why we say that it is all about wanting to come back. This is the feeling everyone of us is looking for when ending a trip. It is logical, if you think about it for a moment.


Would not you come back to a place where you have had stunning experiences? Would not you come back to a place where you have laughed as if you were a child? You have to be crazy to answer no to these questions.


There is one important question when thinking about going for a holiday. What is appealing to you? This is basic. We have lots of information available at our fingertips only with internet connection. Lots of reviews of independent travelers. But keep in mind the most importan thing: it is your trip.


So, whenever you are thinking about visiting a new place, keep in mind the title of this post: Would you like to come back?


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