Before travel to USA: ESTA VISA

It is important to know that before travel to USA you should know that a VISA is necessary. If you do not have done it, you could not get into the country! So please, read this little article with some advises about the ESTA VISA and do not forget to get it!

  • Why I should process the ESTA VISA before travel to USA?

In Europe we are really lucky, because we could travel around our continent without processing (and paying) any type of document apart from our ID. But, on the other hand, to travel to other countries around the world is a must to do it. Of course the United States are one of those countries, and they could ban you to enter in the country if you have not processed it.

  • Where could you get the ESTA VISA?

Be careful! Some customers has noticed that there are some websites offer to renew the ESTA for 75€ per person. Those links appeared when you “google” the word ESTA, but they are not the official one.

The official website to process the ESTA VISA is the one from the Government of the United States. At this website you will only pay 12$. You will find this link also on the requirements, on all our USA trips.

  • How far in advanced should it be processed?

We recommend you to do it at the moment you confirm the booking of your trip just in case something occurs with its validation. However, the process is usually fast (less than 72 hours) so you could do it until the week before of your departure.

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