Route 66 States: Missouri

Route 66 States: Missouri


You start this trip on Route 66. We want to inform you of everything you can know to travel at the United States.


First of all, St. Louis and Springfield, they are the most extensive metropolitan area and the third largest city.


In St Louis, you can find the Gateway Arch, the highest national monument in the United States. You can taste the famous style of barbecues or you can know the history of blues.


It has 56 parks and many conservation areas. So if you are in love with nature, you need come to this unique environment.


St Louis has many activities to discover, from museums, golf courses, tennis courts … until an impressive greenhouse, Jewel Box, which it has a glass ceiling and reaches a height of 15 meters.


One of the curious fact, if you have seen the American series: Ozark, is a mountainous region. It extends in this state, from St Louis, and its coast exceeds that of the state of California.



In conclusion, you won’t forget this trip on Route 66…


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