Do NOT go on a trip

Yes. You’ve read it well.


You are reading a travel agency blog and we are telling you not to go on a trip.


In this moment, your face may look like this one below:



His name is Dave Silverman


We are happy because we have just won a minimum of your attention. And that, dear-friend-who-love-to-travel, is a lot in the difficult and very competitive Internet espectrum.


You may not believe us, but we feel really lucky to have you reading these lines right now.


We want to tell you a secret: we have just used the reverse psychology principles. We could put here a Wikipedia definition trying to explain you the concept behind that theory, but we know that you know the basic ideas. Thus, we just prefer to put here the link to this video in which a dad and his son show it to you in less than 30 seconds.


As you can see, the goal of this post is not to sell you any trip. That is what our webpage and our specialized travel agents do.


Yes, we have put the link to our webpage in the previous paragraph. You got us.


You have to understand us. We want to organise your trip.


That is the reason why Gourmety does exist.


We are passionate about travelling.


Now we want to explain the reason behind the post title. We did not lie to you when we wrote that we did want you to go on a trip.


In our travel experiences in cities and countries, we could see first-hand how a lot of people go on a trip, but just a few of them truly live the trip. It seems silly, right? But it is in that simply word the whole difference between a so-so trip and the trip of your life.


That is why we ask you NOT to go on a trip, but to live the trip.


What is to live the trip for you? Have you ever thought about the difference between go on a trip and live the trip?




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