A day in Oklahoma City

How to take advantage of your visit to OKC


One of the most interesting points of getting to do the Route 66 is the opportunity to visit a lot of different places during the trip, stopping the time you consider as necessary for that particular place.


However, at Gourmety Tours, we think that there are some worth visiting places. One of these mandatory stops is Oklahoma City (or OKC, just to differentiate from the State of Oklahoma).


Visiting OKC is entering an amazing city which has a lot to offer.


Here in Oklahoma, you can find a fusion between the Western culture and modern skyscrapers.




Since 1995, Oklahoma City history will always be linked to the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building terrorist attack.


There are some places which remember us this tragic episode. One of the most emblematic places is the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum, where you can know the story to the detail. Outdoors, we can find one of the most moving creations related with this attack, this is the Symbolic Memorial, where 168 empty chairs represent each one of the lives ended with the attack.


This museum opens everyday from 9am to 6pm (except for Sundays, opening from noon to 6 pm) and tickets are about $ 15.


Apart from the memorial, there are in OKC some other worth seeing museums. To mention just a few, we have the option to visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum or to explore our artistic personality with the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.




If we have to mention just a zone of OKC to be the place where most interesting points are, we have to refer to Bricktown district. Here there is a lot of bars, restaurants and live entertainment spectacles.


Do you feel like watching a NBA match? You have Oklahoma City Thunder playing regularly in Chesapeake Energy Arena. Here you can also find some of the best music concerts.



If you want to taste OKC food, you can go for a burger to the place where most people think it is the best burger of the city in Nic’s Grill (Attention: you may go through a queue for getting your burger). If you are so hungry you cannot wait, what about a pizza in Empire Slice House?


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