Route 66 tresaures

The ghost towns of the Old West are one of those visits that are not forgotten. At the Mojave Desert (California), you will find Calico one of the old mining towns of the Route 66.

Calico, a Route 66 ghost town

In 1907 Calico turned into a ghost town, Walter Knott decided to begin its restoration by using old photographs as reference. Nowadays, it is a tourist attraction where people could enjoy visiting a typical western village.While some buildings were built in the Victorian style, others maintain the original structure and its essence. Tourists and curious visitors could feel by themselves, how was living at that time in the middle of a desert and the hard sector of the mining. This town makes you feel like being on a cowboy movie set, where John Wayne is the main character.

During your Road Trip over the Route 66 you will pass through other similar towns, such as Calico. But, do they have activities? In Calico you can enter into the ancient mines, participate in the gold pots or watching shootings shows. Furthermore, at end of October, they perform an event called «the enchanted city»…

There are so many routes that pass through the American West, such as the historic Route 66. Road Trips that include interesting sites to visit, from the incredible beaches to the great natural parks. It is difficult to choose which places are you going to include on your trip. Enter on the website of Gourmety Tours, analyze the different offers we have and … choose yours!


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