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Havasu Falls

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erythromycin ophthalmic ointment purchase Havasu Falls   The Havasu falls are located in the Havasupai Indian Reservation, south of the Grand Canyon National Park area of ​​Colorado.   First of all, to find them, you must arrive through The Mother Road, Route 66. You must wear comfortable shoes and you must carry water because you will have to travel …


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Route 66 States: Missouri

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Route 66 States: Missouri   You start this trip on Route 66. We want to inform you of everything you can know to travel at the United States.   First of all, St. Louis and Springfield, they are the most extensive metropolitan area and the third largest city.   In St Louis, you can find …


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Guide West Coast

Guide West Coast   Do you want to take a trip to the West Coast of the United States but do you not know where to start? Is it possible to know the most emblematic cities and parks in just 12 days?   The answer is YES. What can we do on a short trip …


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Get lost

Don’t pay attention to the GPS. Stop in that nice restaurant. Maybe it’s not so nice as it seems. It doesn’t matter. Go in. Don’t pay attention to the map. Forget about TripAdvisor’s reviews. Relaxed driving. Stop whenever you want. Wherever you want. Take that exit ramp. Take the secondary road. No hurry when driving. …


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Do NOT go on a trip

Yes. You’ve read it well.   You are reading a travel agency blog and we are telling you not to go on a trip.   In this moment, your face may look like this one below:     We are happy because we have just won a minimum of your attention. And that, dear-friend-who-love-to-travel, is …


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A day in Oklahoma City

How to take advantage of your visit to OKC   One of the most interesting points of getting to do the Route 66 is the opportunity to visit a lot of different places during the trip, stopping the time you consider as necessary for that particular place.   However, at Gourmety Tours, we think that …


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There are a lot of things which can be easily measurable. Trips are not.   Your age, money or the number of TV series you have watched in your life. You can give a number for these and compare it to any other person.   However, when it comes to trips…how can you measure them? …


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Self-driving package holidays

THE TRIP OF YOUR LIFE IS WAITING FOR YOU SELF-DRIVING PACKAGES IN US   Enjoy our wide and personalized offer of self-driving package holidays. You can make the one that fits perfectly your tastes.   Route 66. Beginning in Chicago (Illinois), passing through iconic places such as The Grand Canyon or Las Vegas, and ending …


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Route 66 tresaures

The ghost towns of the Old West are one of those visits that are not forgotten. At the Mojave Desert (California), you will find Calico one of the old mining towns of the Route 66. Calico, a Route 66 ghost town In 1907 Calico turned into a ghost town, Walter Knott decided to begin its ...


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California Dreaming

WANNA ENJOY CALIFORNIA? LET US CONTRIBUTE TO THAT ENJOYMENT What do you think about a trip that combine the lights of Las Vegas, the beaches of California, the breathtaking scenery of the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco? It sounds good, doesn’t it?   Do you wanna take a plane and start …



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